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  ·IT, Electronics,Net
  ·Machine manufacturing
  ·Fast,Durable consumer goods
  ·Construction and Engineering
  ·Corporate Consultation
  Personnel Agency
  ·Labour Dispatch
  ·Talent Dispatch Sercice
  ·Clerk Employment
  ·Personnel Agency
  ·HR Management Outsourcing
 Xiamen Headhunting
 Fujian Headhunting
 Guangdong Headhunting
 Xiamen Personnel Agency
     Wealth (Weshr) is established in Singapore in 2003, set up in early 2006 in Xiamen, China Xiamen Wells Human Resources Management Limited, and as a group headquarters, the same year in succession to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Luoyang, central Taiwan City offices, and and several well-known Silicon Valley reached a strategic partner of human bodies; and as an economic center in Xiamen Torch MC designated personnel services, personnel services and local economic development has made an outstanding contribution to the cumulative more than 1,800 service enterprises, to send personnel to total more than 10,000, while for t.........More

     Wealth has developed and expanded itself all due to carrying out its original mission: to lead outstanding talents and enterprises to success and strive for making the country powerful and the people rich. Wealth offers services for customers and corporations strictly adhering to its core values: honesty,responsibility,fraternity and service.  

·Winning a Tough Image, Prosecutor Gains Critics
·Falling Rates Aid Debtors, but Hamper Savers
·At Bookstore, Even Those Not Buying Regret Its End
·G.M., Eclipsed at Home, Soars to Top in China
·Power of the Purse Comes With a Pinch
·New Guidelines Seek to Reduce Repeat Caesareans
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Address: Room 304, Kingtop Building B (Second Stage Building, Software Zone), No.1819, Lvling Road, Siming Distrtict, Xiamen City TEL:0592-5111002 Hotline:4000-321-580 Wells Xiamen Human Resource Management Co., Ltd. E-mail: Congratulations Wells housewarming Technical support: Xiamen Peng You
維爾斯(Weshr)公司是2003年在新加坡成立,2006年初在中國廈門設立廈門維爾斯人力資源管理有限公司,并作為集團公司總部所在地. 維爾斯公司擁有中國獵頭行業內一流的中高端精英動態人才庫的獵頭運營機構,獨資創建了多家中國知名的多層次人才收錄網站—— 廈門獵頭網、福建獵頭網、 廣東獵頭網 www.gdlietou.com及人事代理網 www.xmlw.net等知名并具備一定影響力的網站
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